Holiday Madness – A Survival Guide to Keeping Your Sanity!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — according to the famous song, at least! 

For many of us, it’s up there as one of the most stressful times too. And not just because those endless loops of Christmas songs are driving you insane!

We all love the idea of winding down during the festive season but oftentimes, it’s just a distant dream. Instead of kicking back and relaxing after a busy year, you can easily find yourself stretched really thinly and feeling more stressed than ever. And you’re utterly exhausted — often before Christmas even arrives!

There’s a lot of pressure over the holiday season, and if you’re the one that’s in charge of everything, chances are you have a lot on your plate!

No doubt you wear a lot of hats over Christmas and New Year, right? From planning and hosting to baking and wrapping, there’s barely a second to breathe most of the time. 

There’s a ton of expectations for everything to be perfect and why not? It’s the holidays, and it only happens once a year, after all!

You’re making your list and checking it twice. And going back and re-checking it for the thousandth time, just in case you’ve forgotten something (or someone!).

With all of this stress, it’s little wonder that this is also the season when people get sick. Stress is a biggie for affecting immunity. Throw in the fact that so many of us fall behind on exercise, skimp on sleep, drink more alcohol, and throw healthy eating patterns out the window over the holidays, and it’s a perfect storm for feeling under the weather. 

This year is the perfect time to simplify the madness and take back control of your festive season! 

Try these tips: 

  • Don’t overbook yourself or feel you have to say “yes” to every invitation. Stick to one party that you can host, and make anything else a potluck gathering. The golden rule? Don’t be afraid to take ownership of your time and energy!
  • Delegate tasks to other people so it doesn’t all fall on you. Organizing Christmas and New Year doesn’t have to be a one-woman show. Get some help with cooking, baking, and even gift wrapping!
  • Slow down and breathe, especially when you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. Take a moment or two to breathe deeply and slow down your mind and body. It’s okay to slow the pace down and take your time — whether that’s walking, driving, or wrapping presents. You don’t need to operate at breakneck speed, and it’s a fast track to stress and anxiety. 
  • Enjoy the little things that make the festive season great. Baking holiday treats, enjoying a cozy warm drink, walking in the snow, and seeing the smiles on your family’s faces can make Christmas seem super special. 
  • Pamper yourself. Book a massage at your local spa, join a yoga class or get your mails done. Anything to bring down your stress levels a notch…indulge!

The holidays can be magical or stressful — which one will you pick this year? Remember, you have the power to make it awesome!

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