Respectful yoga practice includes…

  • Rushing into a yoga class is stressful for both you and your classmates. It is distracting for your fellow yogis. Be sure to arrive on time, giving yourself freedom to check in, put away your items, roll out your mat and gather any props you will need for class. Once the class has started, no access will be permitted.
  • Leave your shoes at the door when you arrive at the studio.We have a designated shoe shelf by the studio’s main entrance. Remove socks as well as yoga is practiced barefoot.
  • Turn your phone off when you get to the studio or leave it outside in our designated phone bin. No one wants distractions in the middle of a yoga pose!
  • Please keep your voices down both in the studio and in public areas
  • If you have used blocks or straps, place them back in the designated bin. If you have borrowed a mat from the studio, kindly wipe it down before putting away.
  • Picked up an injury in between classes? Let your teacher know before your next class starts. They can look out for you during the class and provide modifications as needed.
  • Can’t stay for Savasana at the end of class; It is preferable if you leave before it starts to avoid disrupting other people for this part. Be sure to let your teacher know before class starts and leave quietly before Savasana starts.